Pj and Paul are thrilled to announce their newest venture. Welcome to The Content Store: A Custom. Cool. Creative agency. Simply put: the client controls what and how much they want in terms of content and more importantly the story they are trying to share.

Content marketing is the ‘what’ to digital marketing’s ‘where’ and just like any other store, if you are shopping for content, you get to choose the style, quantity, combination, and size of your selection. So, make your list and grab your shopping cart!

Storytelling is what drives Pj and Paul, and they wanted to introduce their new business with a story. Their story.

Paul kept blabbing to Pj about these new things he was listening to called ‘podcasts’. After patiently hearing him go on and on about this new medium over the course of several conversations in as many months, in pure Pj style, she simply said, “Why don’t we just start a podcast ourselves?” A few years and hundreds of episodes later, their names can be found across six different podcasts.

They make a great team, with dogged determination, insatiable curiosity, and a relentless work ethic on their side.

These same principles applied to their own creative projects and with the skills they each acquired over time, they realized that together, they were more than the sum of their parts.

Pj and Paul talked about formalizing what they had already been doing together for clients. Pj simply said, “Why don’t we just start our own agency?”

The Content Store.

For clients, there’s a three-step process to browse, identify and plan for their specific content needs. The industry tools like podcasting, blogging and social media are available everywhere but it’s what Pj and Paul do with them that translates into Custom. Cool. Creative.

Pj and Paul are excited to work with clients from a variety of industries and across many platforms. Today they are happy to unlock the front door, turn on the lights, flip the sign from ‘closed’ to ‘open’ and welcome you into The Content Store.

Check out our website (contentstore.ca) for more information about services. Use the menus on the side to learn more Pj and Paul. Find and like us on Facebook and LinkedIn.